The US is leaving an increasingly bitter taste in the mouths of large Tech Corporations like Apple and Google. Opening a backdoor to every encrypted device?

US Government trying to get you killed.

China obtained our Top Secret F-35 blueprints from Lockheed and the US thinks if we open this backdoor to all encrypted devices nothing bad can happen? Should this go through, everything you keep safe on your phone could be taken in less than 30 minutes. The danger of this case is like a repeat of SOPA and PIPA. The best security experts and legends are all saying this same thing, “DON’T DO IT!” so why is it that our government can’t listen? This has implications beyond our knowledge, perhaps the worst case being that another government finds a way to hack into certain devices, or worse yet a cloud type attack; affecting devices on a massive scale.

You may read the customer letter Apple has sent out about this ridiculous demand from the US Government HERE.

It’s incredibly easy to see how this can go terribly wrong. We could put it to a vote in any 1st grade class in the country and this wouldn’t make it past recess. Please US Government, you work for the people and we have seen these paths taken in the past – spoiler alert; nothing good comes of it. You are putting us all in danger.