AppViz 3, wow.

We’ve been around trying different ways to avoid using the horrible tools Apple provides in iTunes Connect for seeing your income. In fact we tried AppViz 2 a while back, but preferred AppFigures and have been using that tool for a year now. AppFigures is a nice browser tool to view your income in nice graphs.


But let me tell you, that is all changed and oh boy… By quite a lot. The interface of AppViz 3 is beautifully designed. The all new Dashboard shows you all of your apps in an organized tile fashion.

Have you partnered on an App and have trouble keeping track of what you owe them every month? The all new AppViz takes care of this. Choose the percentage of income they earn and AppViz does the rest, tell you what you owe them each month! Even keep track of what you have already paid.

Always see your total revenue and total sales in the upper right hand corner so you are always aware of how awesome you are.


So you’re probably thinking this is pretty expensive huh? With the completely redesigned interface, and all of these new tools at your disposal. Most of the competing services charge a big fee just to download their software. Want to add more Apps? Big fee. Oh you’re making money on those apps? Big fee…


AppViz 3 lets you not only download their software for free, but gives you the ability to add your first app completely free as well. 2-20 Apps starts at just $10/mo. Wow. Yes, we’re wow’ing a lot.

See your rankings for all your apps, see your Stats – the past seven days at a glance. Income over the past year, events… It goes on and on and we could go on forever.


How about you go download AppViz 3 here and check it out for yourself for FREE.



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