Being cheated and scammed by ISP companies is nothing new, however it seems to be at an all time high…

As a small business having a good internet connection is a must have, almost as imperative as it is for a 13 year old male. So we spent a good amount of time searching for the perfect choice. We’ve tried a few: Comcast, Frontier, Clearwire – wait, Clearwire is a joke take that off the list, and AT&T. Our first instinct was to go with the biggest name in the business, the almighty Comcast. We had used Comcast for years, from their double in price after 6 months and internet drops every time the phone rings they seem like quite the choice! Right? Well, with immense hesitation we’d have to say they’re one of the best on the market for the time being, until Google arrives of course (Please hurry) but we’ll get into that later. In all honesty though, Comcast sucks. We would even go so far as to use the word ‘Hate’.

After moving into a new office we called up Mr. Reliable and asked them how much it would be for a decent internet connection. We had Comcast in our last office and paid bloody fortune, about $100/month for high speed 30-50mbps (megabits per second) upload and download. They told us they could ‘try’ and do $34.99 for 30mbps down and 5mbps up. For those speeds that price isn’t horribly unreasonable. So of course, we said “let’s do it!”. The guy on the phone took down all our information and we had quite the pleasant conversation with him! Can it really be this easy? When it seemed like we were home free he simply said they would ‘try’ to get us this deal because bla bla something about the deal is ending bla bla bla and to check back with them in a week or two.


Check back in a week or two?

You’re kidding right…? But they were nice and turned on our internet right away, even though we hadn’t confirmed any price yet. We already had an account with them so we were assuming they would just charge us if they deal went through. Yay thanks Comcast.

“Two weeks later”.

After checking our billing from Comcast we see a nice bill for $54.99, seems they didn’t ‘try’ hard enough to get us that deal and billed us anyways. After calling it appears as though that “deal” wasn’t particularly applicable to us and for 30mbps down it’s magically $50/month + the modem rent. Well screw this, what else is out there.

maxresdefault (1)

A Regional Sales Representative by the name of Dustin Grams showed up at our door and handed us a door hanging flier and talked about their service. In huge bold font it read “29.99/MO NO PHONE REQ.” Of course this happens after getting screwed by Comcast, interesting how that works. But we thought damn, that’s a lot better than we’re paying now. Let’s call them up, how painful can it be!? One day later we get Frontier on the phone and talk about their deals on internet services. They told us we could get internet for $34.99/month 15mps down and 5mbps up…

Wait a minute! We’ve heard this number before. We told them about the flier we just received yesterday that clearly states $29.99/month for 2 years and they didn’t even know about the promotion. He said the promotion must have ended, but he’s never even heard of that price point. A little aggravated, we insisted that this promotion exists and that we received the flier less than 24 hours ago and gave him the name of the sales rep that visited our place. After some fumbling around he mentioned that deals can come and go in a couple days and that he remembers this deal after all.

After closer inspection of the flier, it only states that the offer is a “Limited time offer” and there aren’t any dates posted. So now we’re a little mad, it’s the good old bait and switch with a side of false advertising. As a side note, Frontier offers Business High-Speed Internet for only 19.99 “per month with qualifying phone service”. In my opinion they should have to post the real price, not just small piece of the ridiculously sized pie.


We probably should have done more homework on Frontier. When your company has a Facebook page titled “Frontier Communications Corporation Sucks” you might be doing something wrong… Take a look for yourself https://www.facebook.com/pages/Frontier-Communications-Corporation-Sucks/161737937185712 Oh and don’t forget ComcastMustDie.com All ISP companies out there seem like they want to nickel and dime you, and won’t even honor what their own fliers say. Comcast and Frontier are simply there to steal your money and cheat you.

Customer services is obviously not a priority, stealing from the little guy is easy and most big corporations seem to think its trendy. Now we haven’t reached the hilarity of AOL quite yet, but its getting there. If you don’t remember the 21 minute conversation with AOL to cancel and account you can watch it on YouTube here.

It seems the days of good ISP companies are still the come, however you should check out if Google’s Fiber Optics is in your area, for basic internet it’s free. Yep, FREE. You can check that out here

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