How much to make iOS app – what do you think it costs to have an app built? Well obviously there are many factors to the cost of development, but let’s quickly hit the basics.

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Many businesses want an app to simply display their information, make it easier to call, give directions, enable mobile product purchases, and book appointments. An app like this can be developed for as little as $1,500. With location based apps in iOS 7, for this small amount of cash getting a mobile presence is extremely valuable. However this price is rock bottom and will only get you a template app. This means the developer has already created an app exactly like yours, they are just dragging and dropping images that fit your business and changing text.

Not interested in an app for a business, or need more than a simple template? Perhaps you have this extraordinary game, or entertainment app idea that will conquer the world. Getting your idea realized into a fully fledged app can make you millions… Millions! So how much will this set you back? Well, a lot. Software development isn’t cheap, especially creating new design and interfaces or inventing new software.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 1.46.52 AM

There is a brilliant way to see if you can have your idea or business app realized in just a few minutes. Developed by Ooomf, you’re able to price out an app all through your browser.

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We priced out a custom social app at $29,500. Give it a try and price out your app Here

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