Which app do you prefer to use to get your breaking news?

Let’s see if your app falls in our top 3 or possibly help you discover a better news app for your iPhone. Judging by the above banner, you can probably guess our favorite but let’s start with #3.



#3 ABC. If you like video, this is the app for you. For watching the newscast or other programs ABC takes the cake. Watch full news broadcasts and other great video content on this app that the other news apps just don’t have. ABC recently updated their app allowing you to customize your content for what’s important to you.



#2 CNN. A very close runner up, CNN has a ton of content. You can be on this app all day and virtually replaces any other source you get your news from. Always streaming breaking news or live CNN programming through the app, it’s easy to get engrossed in this app. One thing we found to our disliking was the CNN notifications, sometimes coming in as annoying promotions for their programming and have a habit of coming in quite often. We understand the need to promote and advertise within an app however notifications in a news app is quite invasive and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Also, who was in charge of the new font in their update? Sigh…


#1 AP Mobile. Well here it is, our favorite news app. We love AP Mobile as it’s content remains updated and it’s push notifications have always, ALWAYS come before any other news app. It’s like they have ninjas just waiting to send them out. AP has a lot of content with a wide variety all wrapped in a beautiful interface to keep you busy – this app takes our #1 spot for news apps.

Some apps we like and you should check out but didn’t quite make it on our top 3: Circa, USA Today, NBC, and finally Fox News. For kicks we found our least favorite news app and CBS takes this shiny prize.


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