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Steven Stuart wanted to make wine as long as he could remember.  However, as a mechanical engineer living in Colorado, winemaking was far from becoming a reality and remained just a dream.  This all changed in 1997 when he was offered an engineering job in Woodinville, Washington.  Little did he know he was walking into a world of wineries, tasting rooms and the hub of Washington’s viticulture.

Steven wasted no time diving into winemaking.  First on his own, then soon with a group of “garagistes” and began to establish relationships with some of the best vineyards in the Columbia Valley.

Durng ten years of winemaking on a small scale Steven would taste great wines from many talented winemakers; one that stood out was Matthew Loso. When Steven had an opportunity to open his own commercial winery, he immediately thought of Matthew Loso as his consultant.  The relationship began and grew with the common goal of producing exceptional wines.

Five years later Elevation Cellars is growing its array of wines; Peak One Wine Club was launched in 2012; our wines are in distribution around the region.  Steven and Matthew continue to produce award winning wines.  They are committed to creating wines with character, structure and the ability to age, with the simple intent that they will be thoroughly enjoyed around your table.