Do you have the reflexes? Win and get rich! Download Slap It the #1 multiplayer card game for reflexes and skill.



Simply join a multiplayer game which Slap It will then auto-match you with 3 other players, or invite friends and team up! Win chips by having the eyes of an eagle and reflexes of a cat. Feeling brave? Join a long and intense 1v1 game of Slap It. It’ll have your heart pumping. Need some practice? Start a single player game and fine tune your fingers.

Spend your chips on songs in the Slap It Store. More items to purchase will be added to the store! Your total chips will be broadcast on the Game Center leaderboard – may the fastest hands win.


Rules of the game: Slap It | A Reflex Card Game

The goal is to win all the cards. You win cards by spotting a matching pair. If it’s your turn, you turn over the top card from your pile. The idea is to “slap it” as quickly as possible when you see than any of the open cards form a matching pair. The player who taps “Slap!” the quickest wins both piles and adds them to his own stack of face-down cards. This continues until one player has all the cards.

“In-depth rules can be read in the app tutorials”

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